Earn more and grow your bookkeeping business with a lot less stress

Hello.  If you are a self-employed (or soon to be) bookkeeper looking for a better way to achieve a sensible income and a balanced lifestyle, this site is for you.

You could be a young entrepreneur who wants the benefits and prestige of being in your own business; a work-from-home operator who is feeling isolated and unsupported; or an in-house bookkeeper whose talents are under-valued by your employer.

Serve your clients, build your skills, grow at a pace that suits you

Our unique suite of ready-to-use bookkeeping procedures and tools, personal mentoring, training and administration services (the System) makes it easy for you to to be in your own business – but not completely on your own.

You utilise the System under a licensing arrangement, and are free to adapt it to your particular needs and preferred way of working.

We won’t tell you how to run your business.  You’ll enjoy the security, expertise and moral support which Freedom Connect and other bookkeepers within the network provide, whilst retaining your business identity and management independence.