“What are you looking for in a potential licensee?”

Energy, enthusiasm and a real drive to succeed are paramount.  Running a successful bookkeeping business is not just about being technically competent; nor is a Freedom licence a recipe for instant success.   So, we are looking for people who will take a genuine interest in all aspects of their clients’ business affairs and work hard to become their valued ‘partner’.

“What qualifications must I have?”

We require you to be qualified to at least Certificate IV (Financial Services: Bookkeeping or Accounting) level.  If you are close to achieving qualification, we are happy to consider you as a possible licensee.

“But I’m not a tax agent.” 

No matter.  Your local Freedom Connect Support Centre is a registered BAS agent and has in place efficient processing and quality control procedures.  This allows you to perform BAS services for your clients legitimately while you gain the essential training and hours of experience for registration as a BAS agent in your own right, if that is your goal.

“Have I exclusive rights to a specific trading area?”

No. We are not a franchise and therefore do not assign ‘territories’. You are free to work with whomever you choose, wherever you choose.

“Will you help me find clients?” 

Not directly.  However, you’ll have access to experienced practice managers who can provide practical advice on how to spot opportunities and engage with potential clients.

“Do I own my own clients?” 

Yes.  Your clients always remain ‘your’ clients – you own them to serve and develop as you please.  When eventually you retire or choose to terminate your relationship with Freedom, you are not required to relinquish ownership to us or to another licensee.

“What kind of on-going training is provided?”

We believe in ongoing professional development. We have practical training courses, discussion forums and information exchange systems by which licensees can increase their technical knowledge and acquire other effective business skills.

“Do I have to have an office?”

No, you don’t. Many bookkeepers start out working from home while others start from an office on Day 1, preferring a separation between home and work. Ultimately, the choice is yours.